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ooc; character relations [cape&cowl]

♥ = Trust | ◊ = Ally | ≈ = Neutral | ∅ = Hatred | ▣ = Gone

♥ ◊ ▣

brother of alex. intelligent. seems high-strung. reminds her vaguely of nicholas. very close friend. enjoys conversing with him very much. believes he is a good person, despite his self-doubts. wants to know more about his family. he is ridiculous. had a one-night stand. loved him.

♥ ◊ ▣

first person she physically met in the city. comfortable enough to tell him her age and nature. brother of scott. intelligent. seems a bit juvenile, but not in a bad way. reminds her of josh, i.e. personality. gave her permission to enter the institute. took her around the institute. very intriguing. seems powerful. closer than she ever thought she would be to a mortal. he confuses her with his compassion, but she doesn't dislike it. loved him. he broke her non-beating heart.

♥ ◊

adopted daughter. stubborn. reminds her of herself when she was younger. troublemaker. would easily lay down her life to protect her. makes her feel bad every time she has to fight.


younger than she'd expected. still somewhat immature. still a great man. in the process of living up to all the stories alex and scott told her. has some kind of fascination with cardigans. intelligent. good with children.


one of the most intelligent people she has ever met. reminds her of nicholas. kind. thoughtful. very powerful. understands how to use his strength. compassionate. he is a joy to work with. good conversationalist. polyglot.


intriguing. powerful. holds a position of authority in the city. has made her consider helping the police force. intrigues her. reminds her of students past. broody. taciturn.


"sister" to xavier. intriguing. she vaguely remembers an older version of her being present before. still a child though her age is indecipherable. shapeshifter. good at dancing. easy to speak with.

♥ ◊

the cutest troll. reminds her that there is still innocence in the world. learning to fight. promising student. needs to be more assertive. kind of an adopted son. makes her feel some of the same things as cassie does. keeps an eye on him always.


a promising student. correctly refers to her as "sensei." intelligent. easy to teach. powerful. already has some training. respectful. mature.

∅ ▣

he would have died by her hand.

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