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NAME: Iola.
AGE: 19.
JOURNAL: watchet.
IM: wild swirl.

CHARACTER NAME: Scathach, or Scatty.
AGE: 10,000 years old at least [says she is 2,518], looks no older than 17.
FANDOM: The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel book series.
CHRONOLOGY: Post The Magician.

Here is a link to her “true” history, as the book gives a distinctly less detailed account.

What is known is that she has been the friend and ally of Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel since they obtained immortality. At the beginning of The Alchemyst, the Flamels and Scathach have not associated in well over three hundred years. The redhead was living a life of solitude in San Francisco’s Chinatown, staying mostly in and around her Dojo, rarely taking in students. Over a two thousand year span of history, Scatty had trained the greatest warriors of myth, including Achilles and Joan of Arc. She was lying low, waiting for her talents to be needed once again. She is, more or less, the one who created most types of fighting styles. She herself has no style when she fights because she is “the origin” of martial arts.

When the twins, Sophie and Josh, arrive at her Dojo with Nicholas, Scatty was none too pleased to see them. She actually refused to even look at them until she heard that the twins had pure auras and that the Book of Abraham—the volume with the secret to immortality within its pages—had been stolen by the maniacal Dr. John Dee. Josh had torn out two pages that contained the Final Summoning, so luckily, the Dark Elders could not be brought to the humani plane. Once Scathach realized this, she immediately took Nicholas and the twins under her wing and decided to travel with them.

Their first stop is to see Hekate, one of the few Elders still neutral in the conflict between the humani and the immortals. She lived in a Shadowrealm, a dimension close to the humani one and yet separate. Hekate’s home is the Yggdrasill, the World Tree. She is reluctant to Awaken the twins’ powers, but realizes that she really has no choice. And so she begins the ritual, against Scatty’s wishes; the redhead doesn’t think the twins are ready yet, but Flamel insists that there is no time. Sophie’s aura is Awakened, unleashing her potential as a mage. However, the group is interrupted by Dee before Josh can be Awakened, and so he is left completely human while Sophie is not. Dee is in possession of the Sword of Ice, Excalibur, and destroys Yggdrasill with it, leaving Hekate weakened, but not so weak that she can’t distract Dee as the group escapes.

They then visit the Witch of Endor, who is Scatty’s grandmother. The Witch is a master of the element of wind, and agrees to teach Sophie all she knows—to do this, she gives the young girl all of her memories, leaving Sophie temporarily incapacitated. Dee catches up with them, and using his powers as a magician, he raises all the dead from nearby cemeteries and orders them to attack the twins. Scathach is grateful for the chance to “stretch her legs,” and immediately begins plowing through the undead, allowing the others time to come up with a plan. Nicholas, the twins, and Scatty quickly escape to Paris through a Leyline, portals that go all around the world, and the Witch’s shop is blown up as she creates a distraction. Only two days had passed, and already everything Scatty knew before has been thrown off balance.

The next book starts when Nicholas, the twins, and Scathach arrive in the middle of a church, where the Leyline lets off. Niccolò Machiavelli, the head of the Parisian Secret Service and also a Dark Elder slave, is their welcome. He has already surrounded the church, and orders them to give themselves up. Sophie uses her newly-acquired power over wind to create a thick fog, allowing everyone to escape. The group quickly heads out to find one of Flamel’s old students, le Comte de Saint-Germain, who offers them shelter. Saint-Germain, also known as Francis, leads them to one of his several safe-houses right in the middle of Paris. However, unbeknownst to any of them, the house is already under surveillance by Machiavelli’s men.

Scatty is ecstatic to learn that Saint-Germain married one of her good friends, Joan of Arc. That’s right, the Joan of Arc. Jeanne d’Arc, La Pucelle, the Maid of Orléans. Which ever you prefer. Scatty just calls her Joan. The redhead actually taught her everything she knows about fighting and leading armies, and is rather excited to discover that she’s still alive. Meanwhile, Nicholas leaves to visit some of his old haunts and returns with the fire sword, Clarent, Excalibur’s twin, which he gives to Josh since the young boy has no other way to defend himself. Soon enough, Machiavelli and Dee find them again and send three Valkyries, also known as the Disir, to deal with them. Since the Valkyries have a personal grudge against the Shadow, they unleash their ultimate creature-weapon, Nidhogg, in order to devour Scatty’s memories. It manages to incapacitate and grab her, but Josh stabs it with Clarent, weakening it for a time by turning its tail to stone. Meanwhile, as the creature lumbers off with Scatty and two of the three Disir are defeated, Machiavelli gives his bodyguard, Dagon, permission to track them and, if Nidhogg fails to kill the Shadow, to kill her instead.

Josh chases after the creature, hell bent on saving Scatty’s life, and everyone—including Machiavelli and Dee—follow close behind. However, the two evil immortals arrive first and, when Josh sees them, he leaves with them of his own free will, though none of the others can quite figure out why. Nicholas manages to cut off Nidhogg’s arm and grab the redhead right before the creature plunges into the nearby river. Scathach regains her sense but, in a flash, Dagon leaps from beneath the dock and drags her under the water. They disappear, and since Scatty has not resurfaced after ten or so minutes, Nicholas and Sophie leave to continue in their pursuit of Josh, sure that the King Maker is dead.

However, Scathach never goes down without a fight and, since she doesn’t need to breathe anyways, she slays Dagon and swims to shore, but once again loses her self-sense. Thus, she wakes up here, completely disoriented, confused, and more than a bit cranky—she doesn’t like water, after all.

Scatty is, in a word, proud.

Her grandmother is the Witch of Endor, who has never seen her to be good enough at anything, and always makes it a point to say as much. Plus, the rest of her family cast her out when she was only a few centuries old, and have never truly forgiven her for siding with the humani. This drives the redhead to continually try to prove herself worthy of her Immortal status, though she has very few people—mortal or otherwise—left to impress. The Shadow is a master tactician, and has marched with and led some of the fiercest armies in history. She is strong and ferocious, though has a great maternal instinct that sometimes flares up and overpowers her nearly gleeful love of violence. She never backs down from a fight, and would probably rather provoke one than avoid it. Scathach can become illogically cruel if the mood strikes her, and takes pleasure in playing games with other beings, whether they are physical or mental, if she comes to the conclusion that they can “take it.” She teases, mocks, and riddles with the best of them, oftentimes contradicting herself without a second thought and not regretting it.

However, Scathach is, at her very core, a good being. As much as she loves to fight, she does not believe in killing unnecessarily, whether an animal or a human being. Her personal code of ethics—and her honor as a warrior—forbids her from doing anything blatantly evil, and though she has no problem toying with people, she would never intentionally do anything to harm them physically, mentally, or emotionally, unless they had really pissed her off and she loses her temper, in which case she can’t be completely sure what she’ll do. But this does not stop her from speaking her mind, and telling everybody around her exactly what she thinks about a situation.

Though she has been around for over ten thousand years, she is still considered a child by most other Elders—Scathach herself is a member of the New Generation of Elders who fight to protect humans rather than allowing them to fall into darkness and become slaves to the Dark Elders. Her youth makes her almost bitter towards the First Generation, and she dislikes most of them, especially since the majority have decided to ignore the conflict between the humani—humans, rather—and Dark Elders. She, more than anybody should understand that a life is precious, since technically, she is not alive. She would do anything to protect someone she views as innocent, especially if they are human, and does everything she can to make sure they won’t come to harm. Scatty despises the Dark Elders, and is hell-bent on thwarting their plans—it’s just better if she can kick some ass while she’s at it.

My Personality
Openness to Experience
You are poised, confident, and clear-thinking when stressed, however you are sensitive about what others think of you. Your concern about rejection and ridicule cause you to feel shy and uncomfortable around others. You are easily embarrassed and often feel ashamed. Your fears that others will criticize or make fun of you are exaggerated and unrealistic, but your awkwardness and discomfort may make these fears a self-fulfilling prophecy. You are not prone to spells of energetic high spirits. You prefer facts over fantasy and are more interested in what is happening in the real word. You are willing to take credit for good things that you do but you don't often talk yourself up much, however you are not affected strongly by human suffering, priding yourself on making objective judgments based on reason. You are more concerned with truth and impartial justice than with mercy. You have strong will-power and are able to overcome your reluctance to begin tasks. You are able to stay on track despite distractions.

Scatty appears as a well-built woman, about 5'5" in height. Though she is short, it often feels as if she is looking down on a person when she is speaking with them simply because of her tone of voice. She neither sleeps nor blinks, but can close her eyes and feign unconsciousness if need be. There is a Celtic Spiral tattoo etched into the back of her right shoulder with black ink, a mark of her heritage. She has bright red hair, cut short. Many people think she dyes her cropped locks, but that is not the case—it is completely natural. As natural as a vampire can be, anyway.

She has bright emerald-colored eyes with vertically-slit pupils, much like a cat; at times, they seem too large for the rest of her pixie-like features. The planes of her face are rather angular, sometimes giving her an ethereal look in just the right light. Freckles are peppered across the bridge of her nose and randomly around the rest of her body. She doesn't smile often, but when she wants to make an impression on someone, she grins widely and bares her pointed canines, courtesy of her species. Contrary to what popular culture says, her skin is not cold to the touch; she feels the same as any regular human being, though her muscles might seem a bit firmer. She is ridiculously skinny, almost unhealthily so, but beneath the abnormally pale skin lies iron-hard bone and muscle toned by thousands of years of physical training.

She is fond of tight, solid-colored tank tops, camouflage or khaki pants, and ankle-high black combat boots. If not wearing any combination of these, she will most likely be clothed in an all-white outfit, generally a dress if she likes it enough and she can move well in it. Some sort of weapon is always found somewhere on her body, whether in plain sight or hidden. She always has a pair of twin short swords sheathed on her back and a dagger strapped to her left thigh. Almost anything around her, including her entire body, can become a weapon, so upsetting her is not advised at all. She also has a twin sister named Aoife; she and Scathach do not get along at all, and it has been centuries since they last spoke. However, they look exactly the same—but if asked about it, Scatty will vehemently deny any resemblance to her at all.

Twin short swords, each about fifteen inches long, sheathed on her back.
A pair of nunchaku.
Various throwing knives.
Dagger strapped to her left leg.
Cell phone.

CLASS: Well. Scathach is a hero, on the best of days—she does have an acute sense of right and wrong, and has sworn to protect humans. However, she does love conflict and fighting, and might occasionally “slip up,” causing trouble even if she doesn’t consciously mean to. But, for the most part, she is one of the good-guys.

SUPERHERO NAME: There are several she’s gone by: The Shadow, The Warrior Maid, The Daemon Slayer, The King Maker, Lady of Shadows. But for the purposes of this RPG, we’ll go with “The Shadow.”

ALTER EGO: Just Scathach, or Scatty. And her job will be... well, she’ll be running a dojo. It’ll make her feel at home.

POWER: Scatty is, in essence, a vampire, though not of the "common" sort. She is from one of many vampire clans, one that does not drink blood in order to survive; she often states that the blood-drinking vampires are the “lowliest of their species.” Most of Scathach's ancestors are actually vegetarians; she literally only eats vegetables and fruit. Her main source of sustenance, however, is emotions. She feeds off other people’s sensations, sucking them from their bodies so she can feel alive.

By the way, a little quirk about her clan is that none of them have the ability to feel, neither emotions nor pain. Joy, hate, fear—they are all relative to her, and she considers them novelties. Sometimes, she scorns the humans for taking these things for granted, and it borders on bitter jealousy. She takes emotions and sensations from people, relishes the way they make her able to feel. But she states that, "we do not need to feast often" when confronted by Josh after she feeds from Sophie, who, newly awakened, is nearly overwhelmed by her enhanced senses. Scatty states that she only wanted to help Sophie, though Josh’s trust towards her decreases substantially. However, like traditional vampires, she must be invited into an establishment before she can actually enter it. She can go outside and walk around in daylight—without sparkling—but if she stays in the sun for too long, she’ll get sunburned.

So we've got super-strong and one hell of a fighter, along with her vampiric traits. For the purpose of this RPG, Scatty will no longer be one of the Immortals. She will be rendered mortal—however, she has kept her other vampire capabilities, i.e. eating emotions and walking in sunlight.


The Character Expression Meme
Character: SCATHACH
Journal: spadassin
RPG: capeandcowl
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